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Metallized yarns with glossy effect for use in the production of fashion textile goods and technical fabrics.

Metallic yarn is a synthetic yarn that has a metallic appearance. It contains certain metal elements, which provide it with gloss and at the same time stability and tension. Metallic yarn, also called alu-metallized polyester yarn, covers a broad range of possible use.

Standard colours of our metallic yarns are in store in more than 400 varieties, including unsupported yarn, supported (twisted) yarn and/or wrapped/gimped yarn (metallic round yarn). The metallic yarns are further diversified by the type of film, film thickness and the width and strength of the yarn.

More colours and special types of metallic yarns, such as MAM, SR and LMHS types, are also available.

All our metallic yarns, in many different colours, are Oeko-Tex Standart 100 certified.

Since quality is important for us, some aspects of production take place directly at our premises. We are able to cut and twist the alu-metallized polyester films ourselves. As a result, we can provide our customers with the best possible quality. To learn more about our production see  >>>

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The metallic yarn and its use

The metallic yarn is used mainly in the textile industry. Nowadays, its effect is used increasingly often for casual clothing. The metallic yarn can be woven, braided and knitted and it appears in many fashionable fabrics and clothes. This yarn can also be combined with other fibres, such as wool, nylon and cotton, which creates new and unexpected possibilities. The metallic yarn is also used in communication lines, e.g. phone and cable television lines.
It also finds use in the production of carpets, automotive textile and household goods.
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Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Metallic yarn production

The metallic yarn consists mainly of aluminium fibres, which are covered by polyester or other materials. Its strength is sufficient for use in warp or weft. To increase its firmness, the yarn can be additionally reinforced by other fibres (nylon or rayon). The reinforcement (twisting) is then wound into a spiral. There are two basic techniques used in the production of metallic yarn. The most common one is laminating (“sealing”) of one layer of aluminium between two layers of polyester film. These fibres are then cut longitudinally and wound on spools. The metal can be dyed and heat-sealed in a transparent film. The glue or the film can be dyed before laminating as well. There are many variations of colours and effects that can be achieved with the use of metallic yarns. Metallic fibres can also be produced by metal plating. This process involves heating the metal until it evaporates. Then it is applied to a polyester film at high pressure (1,500 - 2,000 psi). This process generates thinner, more flexible, stronger and more comfortable fibres.

Fabric with metallic yarn and care

Profession. dry cleaning w. perchlor-ethylene is preferred to laundering. The only one suggested laundering method is hand laundering with fabric conditioner and cold water. Metallic yarns must never be laundered with bleach.
Fabrics with metallic yarns should be treated like all synstehtic fabrics.

Metallized fancy yarn rexess®

Wagner-Tech-Textil GmbH has been specializing in metallic yarns for more than 17 years. In recent years we have become known for our own production of metallic yarns. We offer a great number of these fancy yarns, which are used mainly for clothing materials. Metallic yarns (fancy yarns) can be braided, waved and twisted as well as used for embroidery. These yarns also find use in the production of ropes, cords and various decorations. Most of the rexess metallized yarns have polyamide reinforcement. Polyester and viscose are used for reinforcement as well. Our fancy yarns, i.e. the rexess metallic yarns, are processed by a number of weaving mills throughout the world for the production of ribbons and military insignia. They are also used in the production of cords, ropes, trimmings, bands, embroidery, laces and for various decorative purposes.

Coated metallic fibres minimize gloss loss. With the use of a suitable glue and film, this yarn is not affected by salt or chlorinated water and weather conditions. If there are no care instructions on the label, the metallic yarn should not be cleaned chemically. Ironing may be problematic as the heat of the iron, particularly at high temperatures, can melt the fibre.
This fancy yarn is very well suited for decorative purposes, car seats, curtains, clothing, gift wrapping, tablecloths, placemats, etc.

metallic yarns...

...metallic yarns have an innate memory feature. The most common end-use for metallic yarns is for upholstery fabric
and textiles such as Lamé and Brocade. Lamés are most commonly made of polyester jacket, overlain with a thin,
interwoven metal, usually steel or copper, which gives them a metallic gryish look. This apparel is popularly used in
fencing. Brocade is the special fabric in which coloured silk is used woven with silver and gold threads. This exquisite
fabric is in great demand throughout the Middel East and Asia. Many people also use metallic yarn in weaving and
Metallic yarns have been used in just about every form of textiles. Some end-uses have beed in automotive fabrics,
television front fabrics, bath towels and face cloths, clerical vestments, bathing suits, hosiery, upholstery, hat bands,
theatrical clothing, theatre backdrops, doll´s clothing, banners, uniforms, etc.
The possibilities for various applications of metallic yarns are enormous.

Wagner-Tech-Textil GmbH and the brand name rexess offer a wide variety of metallic yarns used in apparel fabric,
embroidery, braids, knitting, military regalia, trimmings, ropes, cords and lace surface decorations.