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reflective yarn reflexa

Reflective yarn and tapes reflexa®

Reflective yarns and tapes provide safety and visibility in all areas of everyday life

, whether in the production of safety vests, safety footwear and cords, or in the engineering sector for enhancing the visibility of machines and vehicles. These areas are unimaginable without these materials at present.

Reflective yarns reflexa consist of a silver-colour reflective transferable film, which is applied to the polyester film either on both sides (double-sided reflection) or on just one side (single-sided reflection).

The backside can be covered with textile fabric (TC-backing) or heat activated adhesive. The EN471 standard is always observed, so you can always rely on us.

Reflective yarns and tapes have the best reflection properties

and they are available in widths ranging from 0.25 mm to 50 mm, on either spools or rolls.

Reflective products reflexa are characterised by long lifetime

. Besides this, they increase the protective function of your safety clothing.
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
Almost 5,000 pedestrians are killed and 71,000 more are injured in traffic accidents annually. A total of 65% percent of these cases occur between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.

Clothing with a reflective material that is visible from all sides can save lives

. Retroreflection is the right term for materials that have the ability to reflect most of light back to its original source. A number of objects such as metallic films, white T-shirts and even dark colours can reflect light but the light is spread to many directions instead of being absorbed. Such objects are reflective but not retroreflective. The quality of retroreflective materials can be measured by the intensity of light. Scientific studies show that the light intensity of white clothing is only around 0.3, while the light intensity of retroreflective material reaches 500. There is of course a direct correlation between the refractive index (light intensity) and the observation distance.


here are two main types of retroreflective materials

: while the first one reflects with the help of glass beads (glass bead system), the other one is based on retroreflective prisms (microprism technology). These are the two main types of retroreflective materials available on the market at present. In the first system, the light falls on the back side of a bead and is reflected back to its source. In the prism technology, on the other hand, the light falls gradually on each of the three prism surfaces before it is reflected (it works on the basis of light refraction on the inner surface).
Retroreflective materials reflexa provide the highest standard of reflection.

Retroreflective yarns and tapes reflexa®

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reflective yarn and tapes (glass bead system)
reflective yarn and tapes (glass bead system)

The reflexa retroreflective products derive their power from the glass beads

, which are protected by aluminium and reflect the falling light back to its source. The balls are in a very thin and flexible polymer matrix and can be covered by textile fabric or heat activated adhesive on the backside.

A transparent layer protects the surface of the beads in the heat transfer process. The material withstands high temperature and can be continuously cleaned and dried. There are many possibilities of use of reflexa products. The retroreflective effect is achieved thanks to the presence of thousands of glass beads which reflect light back to its original  source.
„Retroreflective materials reflexa provide the highest standard of back reflection“
„It is a yarn that guarantees security and visibility day and night“
reflective yarn
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